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The St. Francis Yacht Club, in coordination with US Sailing and US Windsurfing, will be host to the 2011 Junior, Youth & Masters Windsurfing World Championship from July 17th to July 24th 2011

Charter Equipment Information

Information on accommodation, transportation, and coach boats

Housing details:
There are fourteen nearby hostels, one within walking distance from the St. Francis Yacht Club (located at Fort Mason with beds from $22 and run by Hostelling International). The Club has been working with the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien on some special housing arrangements too. There are a number of hotels in the Marina District of San Francisco, which is walking distance from St. Francis Yacht Club (for example, The Coventry Motor Inn).

Coach Boats:
Several companies on San Francisco Bay charter out boats suitable to coach from. You are welcome to contact Bryan McDonald for more information. His email is sailing314 at

Competitors are welcome to check the St. FYC website for up to date and accurate race results.

In 2004, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom proclaimed July 10 to be International Windsurfing Day

Former US Sailing President welcomes Windsurfers!
Welcome letter from the Commodore of the St. Francis Yacht Club.
Welcome letter from the President of US Windsurfing.

Letter from America's Cup Umpire, Kirk Brown

A very brief history of Windsurfing Championships on San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay has a rich history of windsurfing. From the earliest days of the sport's invention, world championship events have gravitated to San Francisco Bay due to it's predictable and consistent high winds (though sheltered lower wind conditions are available for junior events if that is desired). With the proximity of O'Neill wetsuits, the 1980's saw many stops in San Francisco Bay for the Marui/O'Neill World Cup. Micah Buzianis, Sam Ireland, Jimmy Diaz, Robby Naish, Phil McGain, Nevin Sayre, Anders Bringdal, Stephen van den Berg, Robert Teriitehau and many other international sailors have graced our waters in past competitions.

For a delightful history of the San Francisco Bay Classic windsurfing race, please click on the below words 'SF Classic History'.

SF Classic History

Vintage windsurfing footage from San Francisco in the 80's

Techno 293 activity in the USA

Listen to what kids are saying about the East Coast Windsurfing Championship...

Here are some comments from former world windsurfing champion Nevin Sayre and windsurfing performance coach Britt Viehman about the East Coast Windsurfing Championship...

Hot showers after racing?

Hot showers after racing? You bet. There is even a sauna and steam room as well (which feel absolutely wonderful after a long day on the water). The St. Francis Yacht Club allows the wettest and soggiest racers into their wonderful facilities to warm up and recharge. Hungry? The St. Francis has amazing food.

Worried about too much wind? This definitely should not be a concern. The St. Francis teaches juniors to windsurf in the light air and flat water conditions just behind the club. During the main sailing season (which is late spring, summer and early fall), the breeze on the SF Bay can be quite aggressive. But this is due to a very predicable thermal engine that operates between the hot inland and relatively cooler Pacific Ocean. If one wants to race in light air conditions, that's simple: just start the racing early and race behind the club. If one wants epic world cup breeze with exciting and challenging huge chop, that's simple too: race late in the afternoon and plan for an aggressive ebb tide. Unlike most other venues, the wind and conditions at the St. Francis are so consistent that one can virtually bank on them (for both lighter air and windy conditions).

For example, the picture below was taken in the morning where juniors were just learning to windsurf in the calm bay just behind the club (and it was so calm that the windsurfer pictured could windsurf one handed while juggling with his other hand (and still keep his clothes and iPhone dry)).

In that same day, by 4pm, high performance short board windsurfing was going off on 4m and 5m sails off Crissy Field (a beach approx 1 Km west of where the above picture was taken))...another lovely day on the bay :-)

The St. Francis Yacht Club's junior history is amazing. Olympic Silver Medalist John Bertrand, Rolex Yachtsman of the year Paul Cayard and John Kostecki and many other notables got their start as junior sailors at the St. Francis...maybe you can too? Pictured below is the junior trophy case.

Need a break? No problem. Check out the rich history of the St. Francis Yacht Club. Be sure to enjoy the magnificent Olympic heritage,

the historic nautical library,

the fun junior room (with lots of games), the exciting America's Cup history

or, from the club's balcony or many windowed rooms on the west or north side, take in the breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge over the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay.

Want to get away from the sailing scene? San Francisco has it all. From world class opera to the full schedule of Davies Symphony Hall to the museum of modern art. With two of the top ten restaraunts from the USA located in the SF Bay area, it's easy to find excellent dining of all ethnic backgrounds.